Macatawa Homes knows one of the first decisions you make when building a new home: should you build a one-story or two-story home? In this blog, Macatawa Homes list the advantages for each style to help you decide what’s best for you. 

Advantages of a two-story home 

  • Cost less per square foot to build. That’s because the most expensive elements of home-building — excavation/foundation and rafters/roof installation — are being built on a smaller footprint. Plus, you’ll have less roof area to maintain.
  • Less distance for utilities to travel. You’ll save money (and potential headaches) because plumbing and wiring have less distance to travel.
  • Better views. No surprise here, When you are up higher, your views are better.
  • Larger outdoor space. Since you are taking up less land space for the house, you’ll have more of it for outdoor living areas.
  • The upstairs bedrooms are more private, especially if you build in a neighborhood. If you have children, you’ll appreciate the second-floor bedrooms feature when your kids grow into teenagers.

Advantages of a Ranch style home 

  • More living space per square foot. You won’t be compromising square footage (and money) on staircases.
  • Safer than two-story homes. Take away the staircase, and you eliminate the risk of falls for small children and the mobility-challenged. Plus, evacuation is easier (and safer) than a two-story home in the event of a fire.
  • Easier to “age in place.” If you plan to stay in your home until retirement, there may be no need to move. One-story houses are easier to get around in and are more easily made wheelchair accessible.
  • Quieter living. You won’t hear footsteps or other noise coming from upstairs.
  • Space-saving design. From a practical point of view, you’ll need fewer bathrooms in a one-story home since they are all on the same floor, which can save you money. Also, the mudroom and laundry room can more easily be combined, saving space.

We hope this helped answer some of your questions about building a one-story or two-story home. There is no right or wrong decision here. It’s all a matter of personal preference. Whichever style you choose, Macatawa Homes has well-designed floorplans of both Ranch and two-story homes to choose from.  Shoot us an email or schedule an appointment so we can sit down and get your dream home started.

Do you have a suggestion for our list or something you think is more important? If so, please leave them in the comment section below, we would love to hear them or feel free to start a conversation over on Facebook