Right now is the perfect time to start the planning process to ring in the New Year starting  starting the planning on your new home! When Macatawa Homes builds your new home, you’ll hear a lot of terms being used to describe the building process. The following descriptions will help you understand exactly what’s going on with your home during each of these stages. 

Foundation stage 

The foundation is the concrete structure that supports your entire home. Soil conditions are inspected and verified on each homesite, and we perform a quality inspection before pouring any concrete. Once the building inspector has conducted their inspection and found the job to comply with applicable building codes, we pour the foundation. 

Framing stage 

The framing is like a skeleton for your home. It defines the interior room layouts, and along with the foundation, provides the structural support for the home. Framing may last several weeks. Once the windows and roofing are installed and the home has been sufficiently completed to keep wind, rain, or other weather elements out, the rough mechanicals can begin. 

Under Roof/Rough Mechanical stage 

If the frame is the skeleton, then the rough mechanicals are the internal organs of your home. During this phase, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), plumbing and electrical systems are installed. The home is then ready for insulation and applicable municipal framing and mechanical inspections. 

Drywall stage 

You’re halfway home! Drywall is installed in the interior of the structure, joint compound and texture are applied to complete the interior wall surfaces. Once the large trucks delivering drywall have completed their deliveries, The driveway and walks are poured, and the yard is graded. All of these finishing touches will help your house begin to look like a home. 

Trim stage 

Now the fun really starts! During this phase, the painter will install the first coat of paint, referred to as primer. The kitchen cabinets will be set, and the interior doors and trim are installed. The final part of this phase is when the interior of the home is painted! 

Finishes stage 

Lastly, flooring, countertops, and hardware are finally installed. Any minor adjustments take place during this phase, including drywall and paint touch-ups. The home is given a thorough cleaning and is prepared for the final orientation before we hand over your keys! 

We hope this helped answer some of your questions about building a new home. If your looking to ring in the new year with building a new home, Macatawa Homes has is here to help. Shoot us an email or schedule an appointment so we can sit down and get your dream home started.
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