Actually there are quite a few apps for that 🙂

You’re about to build and move into a new home. That’s awesome! One of the hardest things for most people is being able to visualize what their home will look like when it’s completely finished. Whether you already own furniture or are planning to buy some new pieces, here’s information from Macatawa Homes that can help you visualize how your furniture will look without having to drag it around from one room to another.

We have all heard someone say it; “There’s an app for that.” Now, it’s possible to snap a few pictures and virtually re-arrange furniture without feeling it the next day. 

A quick technical note: These tools are useful for a general idea of space, but will not give you entirely accurate measurements, including square footage. Pro-tip, hold off on purchasing anything until you own the home, and can double-check all the measurements. 

Homestyler – Much easier on your device’s battery and processor than a true VR product, Homestyler takes a photo of your space and creates a 3D rendition, which you can use to place furnishings, decor, etc. To help you get started, it also offers pre-loaded rooms and furniture. (Android and iOS)

Houzz – This decorating and shopping site offers a “View in My Room” option on its product pages, which lets you see how a product would look in YOUR house, using your phone’s camera. The app is available through Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.

Housecraft – This lets you create room layouts that can be transported to different rooms (or houses!), allowing you to resize items and determine the optimal dimensions of key furniture pieces. This app is not for any specific vendor but is only available for iOS devices.

Retailer-Specific Apps

Many stores that sell home furnishings have created apps to help you visualize their products in your home. Give them a try and see how they fit into your style. 

Wayfair – using the “View in Room 3D” feature lets you “see” how furniture and other products will look in your house (or the house you plan to build) using your phone’s camera. Available from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

IKEA Place – Who doesn’t love IKEA? Use their app to see thousands of 3D images of their products in your space before you buy them. Available for iPhone and Android.

Pottery Barn 3D Room View – This app renders 3D versions of Pottery Barn products in your existing rooms using your smartphone’s camera. Available for Android and iPhone.

We hope this made designing your home a little easier.  If your building a new home, Macatawa Homes is here to help. Shoot us an email or schedule an appointment so we can sit down and get your dream home started. Did we miss something or do you have a suggestion about something you think is more important? If so, please leave them in the comment section below, we would love to hear them or feel free to start a conversation over on Facebook.